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Got a new video camera for Christmas?

05 Jan 2009, By

Digital video cameras are as cheap as chips nowadays. On one level this is great – opening up a new creative medium to millions of people. On the other hand – well, have you actually ever sat through and enjoyed someone else’s wedding/holiday/children being cute video? The only time I’ve ever come close to enjoying anything like that is many years back when I had to sit through a close relatives wedding video. Unbeknown to everyone prior to the grand premier the bloke who’d done the video had over-dubbed the film with Billy Joel’s ‘Good Night Saigon’ rather than the requested ‘Always a Woman’,  meaning the bride came down the aisle to the accompaniment of the thwap-thwap of helicopter blades…

Anyway, a few months ago we set up a ‘Stronger Unions’ Youtube channel to accompany this blog. There’s some good stuff on there  – but I’d be the first to admit we probably need to spend a little bit of time thinking about how we use this more effectively. And we’re not the only ones. This great little piece from The Onion – hat-tip to the WGGB blog – accurately reflects how well or otherwise most unions and others are using Youtube!

If, like me, watching that clip is making you blush a little bit in recognition of your own Youtube inadequacies, you could do worse than check out this course being run by the TUC.

Please post links to the best/worst trade union film clips you can find in the comments section. Feel free to pilfer our channel for entries in either category!

One Response to Got a new video camera for Christmas?

  1. John
    Jan 6th 2009, 10:49 am

    I’m not sure whether this falls into your best or worst category, but it’s my favourite union video:

    Otherwise check out this one from a group of posties during the big postal dispute. It’s possibly the least polished video you’ll see, but it has a good funny idea and they got it out there with a great message of support to 30,000 people during the strike. It’s also interesting in that it’s something the union could hardly do themselves and be taken seriously, but that activists are perfectly happy with: