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Change we can believe in?

09 Jan 2009, By

Well, that was the theme of his campaign and in just over a week we’ll start to see if Barack Obama is going to deliver on that promise.

Whilst dealing with the economic crisis will be the new administrations top priority, for us organising anoraks the progress (or otherwise) of the Employee Free Choice Act will be an indication of just how much change we can expect.  Early signs are good as Obama has nominated Rep. Hilda Solis for the key (in this context) position of Labor Secretary.

This profile of Solis in today’s Los Angeles Times describes her as someone who credits unions with the success that she and her family have achieved and speaking about the Employee Free Choice Act in December, Soilis said;

“When union people get paid good wages, that money stays in the community, it helps to provide a vibrant economy, it helps to also even send their children like me…to college and to eventually even run for office.”
— On the Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it easier for employees to form unions and to bargain with employers (Washington Post, Dec. 18, 2008)