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Young members Get on the Bus to PUT PEOPLE FIRST

02 Mar 2009, By

Last Saturday and Sunday 10 young members from TSSA, Unison, PCS and NUT as well as a representative of Westminster Uni Students Union attended the TUC Activist Academy special ‘GET ON THE BUS’ to the G20 weekend school at Ruskin College.

The school was designed to maximise trade union participation in the PUT PEOPLE FIRST march which is taking place in London on March 28th.

During the weekend, the group learnt more about the issues behind the G20 summit and the march and the policy platform agreed by trade unions and a host of other organisations.  Using this information, they linked it to the issues that their members were concerned about to plan awareness raising events in the workplace and how they could persuade as many members as possible to get down to London on the 28th.  During the march, they will be filming their experiences as part of a special project and to help them with this they also got some training in making short films whilst they were at Ruskin.

2 Responses to Young members Get on the Bus to PUT PEOPLE FIRST

  1. Anna
    Mar 3rd 2009, 3:21 pm

    This was a great weekend school and the G20 activists all recorded a message on a video camera stating why they were going on the ‘Put People First’ March, these can be viewed on the 38 degree website later this week, when the website will be officially launched. More to follow…………….

  2. nigel williams
    Mar 3rd 2009, 5:51 pm

    What a great weekend. Even if teaching a bunch of young trade union activists did make realise that I am fast becoming middle aged! A pleasure and a privilege to spend some time with reps who were willing to give up their weekend to try and make a difference. Looking forward to seeing everyone again on the 28th.
    Cheers, Nige.