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Blacklisting: Its real and it needs to be tackled

06 Mar 2009, By

Ten years ago the Government passed legislation on ‘blacklisting’ – legislation designed to prevent union activists being victimised by potential employers. Unfortunately the legislation was never implemented because….

 “there was no hard evidence that blacklisting was occurring”

Today, as reported in The Guardian, the information commisioner has published a list of companies he believes may have been ‘misusing’ data to ‘blacklist’ union activists. The database seized by the information commissioner contains details of over 3000 construction workers and was used by over 40 companies, some of them key players within the industry.

Surely Government now has the evidence it needs to implement the legislation it passed 10 years ago?

One Response to Blacklisting: Its real and it needs to be tackled

  1. Charlie Marks
    Mar 10th 2009, 1:45 am

    Indeed, there can be no excuse for not implementing this legislation. The hard evidence has been found.