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Aussies start membership climb

19 Apr 2009, By

I’ve just returned from seeing relatives in Australia, where the labor movement is pretty pleased with having successfully seen off John Howard’s mis-named WorkChoices legislation (they partied for a weekend and then got back to the fight – action on the recession, better maternity provisions, an effective climate change policy and justice for construction unions). One of the reasons for replacing WorkChoices was to stop the erosion of collective bargaining and representation, and the Australian unions have a long track record of union organisation. So strong is their organising culture nowadays, that even while WorkChoices was still in place, union membership grew last year by 56,000. I think the phrase “good on yer” is appropriate!

One Response to Aussies start membership climb

  1. Alex White
    Apr 30th 2009, 1:43 am

    It is a good news story, but unfortunately while membership numbers went up, density went down. Still a long way to go.