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Autologic’s faulty logic

21 Apr 2009, By

I suppose it was inevitable that a dodgy employer somewhere would use the recession as a convenient stick to try and beat up its union: inevitable but still depressing.

Car delivery firm Autologic is currently balloting its workforce in an attempt to de-recognise the T & G section of UNITE. The accompanying letter sent to workers needs to be read to be believed but the following gives you a flavour of the fair and balanced approach the company is taking…

“The ballot choice is yours but think long and hard about about the lack of jobs available outside if you decide against de-recognition.

Think long and hard about how you will continue caring and looking after your families and your dependents with no job”

Nice…who needs carrots when you can use Autologic’s ‘stick and stick’ approach!

Of course it may be that Autologic are facing genuine financial pressures – few companies in the automotive sector aren’t – but that should in no way excuse their blatant efforts to bully workers into dropping their union. According to the Financial Mail, the workforce has already said its prepared to look at cost savings, but they will not tolerate being told to ditch UNITE.

UNITE is currently considering legal and industrial action – lets wish them all the best in their efforts and that the derecognition ballot is soundly lost!

3 Responses to Autologic’s faulty logic

  1. Barry Faulkner
    Apr 24th 2009, 9:32 am

    I heard about this story the other day from an article I was sent from personell today magazine. The story seems to have been incredibly low profile. Can you imagine if a Trade Union acted like this in reverse threatening non-members if they didn’t join, the story would be carried on the front of every national newspaper. I have sent information out to numerous people but to me it just shows as Paul states how confident employers are feeling. Visteon, BMW Mini and now Autologic. The good news is that workers are rising from their knees with renewed vigour and challenging these creatures such as at Visteon.

  2. Charlie Marks
    Apr 25th 2009, 10:43 pm

    An absolutely shocking move by Autologic. Let’s hope that this is soundly defeated by the workers.

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