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Of rights and rewards

27 Apr 2009, By

We’re hearing plenty at the moment about how we are in a new age of austerity.  As with many things, the impact of this on groups and individuals depends on who you are, where you are from and what you do.

Driving along in the car on Sunday I was listening to Radio 5 Live’s coverage of the Bahrain Grand Prix and in particular an interview with the former F1 driver Johnny Herbert.  During this, the BBC interviewer somewhat breathlessly asked Jonny how he felt after missing out by a couple of tenths of a second on a prize of HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in one of the warm up races.  In response, Johnny gamely explained that it was just one of those things but the exorbitant nature of the prize on offer wasn’t commented on either by the interviewer, Johnny or any of the other presenters, although I guess $500K is pocket money in the world of F1.

There was certainly no chance of anyone contrasting this with the average monthly wage of a migrant construction worker in Bahrain – $398, or the brave strike by the workers concerned to try and secure a pay increase or the steps taken by the employers and the government to force them back to work.  If you’re interested to can read about it here.