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London Met and Organising Academy Fight Back

05 May 2009, By

Working with UCU a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of getting back to my roots and doing a bit of leafleting and postering at London Met University to support the work the region and branch are doing defending against huge redundancies 

Whilst I was there doing “observations” as part of the course I was running, it was really good to put into practice some of those techniques again – AHA anyone?  Overcoming Objections? How about a little bit of LEEE? 

One thing did strike me though, the principle of cold calling in recognised areas is never widely discussed (obviously in an ideal world with high density and levels of participation it wouldn’t be required!) but it is, in many respects, more difficult than cold calling in the unrecognised sector because of the expectation that all employees will understand and support the campaign – not the case as many of us will know!

The impact of a lack of adequate reps structures can be a systematic erosion on support for unions and sometimes just a basic understanding of the need to join and participate – let’s not forget the number one reason cited for not joining a union is …. 1,2,3 “nobody asked me”! 

On this occasion the work was to support the local reps and officers and to put a little bit of extra muscle behind a really important campaign over job losses in the HE sector.  For more information and to send messages of support to London Met visit above or