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No substitute for setting up a stall but a great accompaniment

05 May 2009, By

The sixth course, ‘lights, camera, action’ was run last week, the course trains union organisers how to make short campaigning films for youtube, film can be a great tool in any union officers toolkit, to find out more go to Film Course Registration.

To be current and to jest, in the words of Hazel Blears, ‘this is no substitute for knocking on doors or setting up a stall in the town centre’ or in the case of organisers in workplaces (and communities), but the power of film to accompany that work and support it cannot be underestimated, look at Barack Obama’s work or more closer to home FBUYOUTUBE.

As in previous posts film also has the power of recording our history and helping us to reflect on our work constructively, as well as to share our achievements with the world.

Please check out the latest films, which for two days work are fantastic: Recession, MayDayMayDay, PlayFair2012