From the TUC

At the Young Foundation

08 May 2009, By

Yesterday evening I was in the East End of London speaking at a seminar organised by the Young Foundation on Organising, unions and social movements.

The Young Foundation is an organisation set up to ‘tackle major social needs through combining creativity and entrepreneurship’ and is currently running Uprising – a new leadership programme aimed at training and supporting a new generation of public leaders. 

The main speaker was Elaine Bernard from the Harvard University Labor and Worklife programme who spke about the nature of democracy and how the right to organise and be active within trade unions was a key component in any society that purported to be a democracy.   

I chipped in after Elaine, speaking about the role and value of union reps not just in workplaces but in the wider community, citing the findings of a new piece of research published by the TUC on the role of union reps in the community.

The event was pretty well attended with a good mix of people from unions, community organisations and people who are currently on the Uprising programme.