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Reps in action: Why good employers value union reps

13 May 2009, By

Today the TUC launched a joint statement with BERR & the CBI, setting out ‘the positive contribution [union reps] can make to the workplace’.

The statement comes on the back of research undertaken by BERR, as part of its review of facilities and time off for workplace,  which found that union reps contributed between £3.4bn and £10.2bn (net) to the UK economy, on the basis that their presence in a workplace brings about a combination of productivity gains, reduced staff turnover, less time off as a result of sickness, improved health and safety and better training for staff.

According to the foreword of the statement, signed by Brendan Barber, Richard Lambert and Lord Mandelson,

“Union representatives constitute a major resource: there are approximately 200,000 workers who act as lay union representatives. We believe that modern representatives have a lot to give their fellow employees and to the organisations that employ them”

The TUC hopes that newly released statement will encourage employers to work positively with union reps; to give unions an additional tool to extend and build on facilities agreements; and add weight to our calls for equality and ‘green’ reps to enjoy similar statutory rights to other types of union rep.

The TUC is keen to circulate this statement as far as possible and to encourage other employer/union bodies to sign similar statements – you can  download a copy of the statement here, or order bulk hard copies from the TUC (please e-mail: [email protected]) .