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The Desk Killer

26 May 2009, By

Tomorrow the TUC are holding an Arts and Culture Seminar, the aims of which are to look at an arts and culture stategy for the TUC. To inform this work we are looking forward to welcoming artists from a range of areas to hear about their work and also the trade unions that work with them. One of the artists that will be presenting is Jane Trowell of Platform of London. I was researching Platform over the weekend (online) and i was interested to read more about Platforms latest project ‘the Desk killer’. It was particularly relevant to me at the time i was with my partner and his father Gavin Konstam who is a playwrite (and of Jewish decent) and whom lost three quarters of their family to the Holocaust, we were discussing the work of Platform and the often facelessness of corporations and linking this to the Holocaust (for example the fact that an insurance company actually insured the gas chambers) much of which is encapsulated in Platforms work the Desk Killer, drawing parallels with corporations today. Are people working within corporations aware of the impact that their work can have on the lives of others? When they look at spreadsheets are they aware of the human face behind the statistics? Check out their work at Platform

I’ll let you know how the seminar goes!