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A center for political song

15 Jun 2009, By

Following on from Paul’s post about political songs last week, i was sent a link to this website by Jen Hunter from the Musicians Union, its Glasgow Caledonians centre for political song, it started back in 2003 and includes: political song news, song catalogues, collections and research. It has a great collection of political songs including Pearl Jam, who wrote a campaign song to save Lake Michigan from BP waste and music by Bob Fieldman ‘Destroyed by a rising flood’, which is part of the campaign to drawn attention to the effects of Hurricane Katrina, which are still being felt across New Orleans and the music scene; at the centre of New Orleans cultural life, has been badly hit.  With the population still half the pre-Katrina level there is the obvious problem of a lack of musicians. 

Check it out and share your political songs with the centre.