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Why contracts would be ‘wasted’ on Covanta

16 Jun 2009, By

Dreadful headline I know, but please read on…

Covanta are a US based waste incineration company. According to the Utility Workers Union of America,

Most Covanta incinerators in the U.S. are operated non-union – and workers who seek to organize to win a voice at work are faced with fierce opposition from management. Covanta’s official employee handbook includes clauses severely restricting employee rights, including forms of company policies declared illegal under U.S. labor law for more than 60 years.

Central to the UWUA’s complaints is the fact that Covanta are refusing to enter into meaningful talks with the union over a  year after workers in Rochester, Massachusetts voted to be represented by the UWUA.

Why does all this matter in the UK? Well, Covanta are currently in the running to build waste incinerators in several UK locations including Cheshire, Bedfordshire and Wales. Concerns about Covanta’s record on trade union rights and health and safety have prompted this Early Day Motion. Please do what you can to spread the word about Covanta and to encourage your MP to sign up to the EDM.

More information about the UWUA’s ongoing travails in Covanta can be found here.