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Union Summer in Germany

10 Jul 2009, By

Just on my way back from Germany where I’ve been attending an event organised by IG Metal held at their huge training centre near Dusseldorf.

Around 250 union organisers, offfcers, activists and academics to consider aspects of organising and general union work.

It’s nearly 5 years since the Organising Academy hosted a visit from the DGB Jungen section to see what organising was all about and from the attendance at this event its obvious that interest in union revival and revitalisation via organising has really taken root.

I was there by the way to speak at a workshop considering the work of our Organising Academy and the approaches to organising by unions in the UK. Mel Simms from Warwick University who with Jane Holgate conducted some research into the Academy last year also spoke.

Our presentation were well received and the group asked some really good questions about the development and practice of organising in the UK over the last 10 years. They were keen to hear about the content of the training itself and the different kinds of organising carried out by UK unions.

At events like this you realise how far we’ve come in the UK in developing our approach and just what a good story we have to tell.

There’s much more to be done of course and we are in difficult times but we shouldn’t forget and should draw confidence from the fact that all of the learning we’ve done over the last 10 years – as well as assiting comrades in other countries – will stand us in good stead to face the challenges ahead.