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Check out organising via lifelong learning

14 Jul 2009, By

A quick shout for USDAW’s ‘Check out Learning’ project which has just been declared ‘Best campaign’ in the TUC’s Annual Media Awards.  What’s particularly interesting about the campaign from an organising point of view is that outcomes on recruiting new members AND activists have been put front and centre by the union.  

Like many union projects aimed at encouraging members to get back into learning, USDAW’s achievements are impressive – in 2008 alone 333 members returned to learning and a further 2395 expressed an interest in learning activity.  But of even more significance from an organising point of view is the fact that the project recruited over 400 new members and found over 250 members who were interested in becoming an USDAW rep.

As the Awards panel said “…the campaign will have significant long term benefits for the union”