From the TUC

A new Organising partner….

15 Jul 2009, By

Audrey Mullender (Ruskin) & Frances O’Grady (TUC)

We are delighted to announce the new academic partnership between the TUCs Organising Academy and Ruskin College from September 2009.

Ruskin has one of the finest reputations for providing access to university level education aimed at working class people, their mission when they opened in 1899 continuing today and into the future.  To welcome the TUCs Organising Academy demonstrates the instution is seeped in union history and significantly investing in our future.

Sharing an equally fine, if not yet as historical, reputation is the TUCs Organising Academy.  Now in its 11th year and recruiting for its 12th, the Academy trains over 350 union organisers officers and staff every year in modern organising and campaigning techniques from around the world. 

Our movement has faced many challenges since Ruskin opened its doors, many of which we face again today.  With over 2million unemployed and hundreds of thousands more facing job insecurity and pay cuts, it’s even more important that we continue to invest in organising and keep our movement healthy, vibrant and strong to tackle these challenges head on.