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Union freedom in the USA

19 Jul 2009, By

Coming soon to the USA: the freedom to join a union which can bargain for workers’ rights.

The TUC has joined the campaign for the Employee Free Choice Act in the USA. Brendan Barber has written to the Prime Minister and to the US Embassy, and he’s written an article you could put on your website or union publication.  MPs have put down an Early Day Motion in Parliament, urging their colleagues in Congress to do the right thing.

US workers have lost out big time over the last thirty years, and they need the collective strength to get better pay, better pensions and better health care, and to end discrimination. They need the basic human rights set out in ILO core labour conventions 87 and 98 (which the USA, along with China, Iran and Saudi Arabia, has failed to ratify).

We will be advising unions about raising this with employers who also operate in the USA through the Union Professionals site, and pension fund trustees will be advised what they can do too. In the US, academics, artists, churches and many more have joined the campaign. Against them are shadowy business organisations behind which household name companies are hiding.

The campaign needs just a handful more Senators and it will succeed in making the USA a fairer place for working people.