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Calling all academics!

24 Jul 2009, By

As most readers of this blog will be aware the US trade union movement is in the midst of an ongoing struggle to secure the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act.

The TUC has prepared a briefing for UK trade unionists on what you can do to help. This is vital stuff as the union-busters whose activities EFCA will hopefully help curtail are the same charmers who’ve popped up here in the UK.

As part of our efforts to support US unions the TUC and a number of leading academics have issued a ‘call for support’ and we are hoping to sign up as many UK and UK based academics as possible. John Kelly, Ed Heery, Jane Holgate, Gregor Gall, Kim Moody and John Logan have already signed up – please help us sign up many, many more!

You can read the ‘call for support’ – and how to sign up – here. please pass this message on to any academics you think will want to show their support for the right to organise in the US.

***update*** Over the weekend 75 academics signed up to the ‘call for support’ – lets build on this brilliant support! Please make sure you forward on to anyone you think may wish to sign up!