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Organising Academy Year 12 Programme

28 Aug 2009, By

The launch of our new Partnership with Ruskin College brings with it some exciting new materials.  All our courses have been updated and in the next few weeks we will be posting our programme setting out training available to union staff and officers.  The programme covers topics ranging from Strategic Corporate Research to Winning Recogntion, from Union Busting to Effective…

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Year 12 Organisers

28 Aug 2009, By

The Development Centres for Year 12 Union Organisers are filling up fast and the London centre being held on 17 & 18th October is now FULL.  Applicants will need to apply to attend one of the other Development Centres, more details here.

Edward Kennedy

26 Aug 2009, By

Sad to hear today that Senator Edward Kennedy has died. His life was obviously not without its controversies but he was a great friend to the US Labor movement and was most recently a staunch advocate of the Employee Free Choice Act.  I had the pleasure of hearing him speak at pro-EFCA rally in Washington DC in December 2006. Perhaps…

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60 Second Advert Contest – THE SHORT LIST

21 Aug 2009, By

What a journey it has been! This is the first time that we have run a competition of this nature. We were wondering from the start… how well would it go? …how many entries would we receive? … We are pleased to say that the competition exceeded expectations! It has been a great success with…

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Last day for entries – 60 second ad contest

17 Aug 2009, By

Well what a fantastic few weeks…each day receiving a new entry to the 60 Second Ad contest….each day being amazed by the creativity and energy that people have put into making their adverts. I am pleased that the contest has reached out to such a diverse range of people; crossing unions, age groups (we even have an advert…

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A Lack of Trust in Senior Management

10 Aug 2009, By

A survey released today by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) highlights a lack of trust in senior management. The damaging impact of redundancies on staff morale, combined with a fundamental lack of trust in senior management, threaten to undermine the performance of companies just as they are preparing to capitalise on early…

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Factory occupations – a long line, now spreading fast

08 Aug 2009, By

Carl Roper has blogged here about two examples (from the Isle of Wight and Dublin) of workers occupying their workplaces in reaction to threatened closures and layoffs. Dave Osler, always good value, has written about some other recent cases (Visteon and Prisme) as well as giving some historical and international reflections. The TUC has also…

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