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McKinsey and the NHS

04 Sep 2009, By

The political debate about health-care in the US, has sparked  a well deserved outpouring of support for the NHS here in the UK. But even as everyone from the PM to the genius behind Father Ted that is Graham Linehan are proclaiming their love for the NHS,  those lovely people at McKinsey’s are dreaming up plans to slash staff numbers. Calling for a 10% reduction in NHS staff, McKinsey’s leaked report to the DoH can be better characterised as hatchet job than keyhole surgery.

I’m sure the McKinsey team are all competent, professional people, but I wonder how many of them have actually worked in a busy hospital or GP’s surgery?  How many of them actually use the NHS? One of the perks of working for Mckinsey & Co is private health-care…

NHS unions have been quick to point out that while they support efforts to ‘constantly look for new ways to be efficient and to deliver better patient care,‘ large-scale cuts in staff would be counter-productive, and short-sighted (see here as well). Happily, NHS minister Mike O’Brien  agrees, making the point that, ‘In core frontline services, like maternity, nursing and primary care, we need more staff rather than fewer.