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Sexism in the city

28 Sep 2009, By

Excellent article in the Times by Janice Turner on the rise of ‘casual sexism’.

The whole article is worth a read but here are some highlights:

“Does casual sexism matter any more? Aren’t we all too cool and liberated to care? It is always crass and reductive to draw up cause and effect. But there are certain things that make you wonder. When Britain, with just 19.7 per cent women MPs, is 51st among democratic nations for female representation — not just below the groovy progressive Scandinavians but Bulgaria, Latvia, Eritrea and, for goodness’ sake, Pakistan — you have to ask if the stench of misogyny deters good women from standing, or insinuates to those who might select them that really they have no place being there.”

Of course unions have a long way to go to make sure our leaderships reflect the gender balance of our wider membership – but we have a lot to proud of, and its clear that we are very much part of the solution to ‘casual sexism’ in the workplace and beyond.

Going back to the article – you can report your examples of misogny dressed up as irony here.

Perhaps someone would like to start with this article – just a few pages further on in today’s Times, which draws a (pretty tenuous) link between the pay of  bankers and lap-dancers. Pretty tenuous, but still it gave the Times an excuse to use a picture of a lap-dancer to illustrate what was basically an article about ‘house-fees’ in the city…

One Response to Sexism in the city

  1. Georgia
    Sep 28th 2009, 10:19 pm

    Disappointed that when the youngest member of staff in my office was told his FHM calendar was okay to have on his desk, even though a complaint was made. The over 55 male bosses couldn’t see the problem but even worse neither could one of the older women in the office. Thought we were just being politically correct. Where do I work? In a union office!