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Picket Practice

14 Oct 2009, By

 Great idea by UNITE members under pressure at Fujitsu. In advance of their industrial action ballot, they decided to hold a ‘practice picket’. You can see the pics here.

Room for us in the new Tory Utopia?

08 Oct 2009, By

Fancy living in a country where you can exercise power and come together with others to take control your street or town [or workplace?].  Where active voluntary organisations are encouraged and where there will be a revival of ‘civic society’ (of which we were once told there was no such thing). Sounds good doesn’t it –…

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Join 100,000 e-petitioners in solidarity with Guinea’s trade unions

08 Oct 2009, By

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) General Council has just carried a resolution of solidarity with trade unionists in Guinea, where the army has launched a brutal and bloody attack on peaceful opposition forces including unions. Calling for a ‘peace force’ to protect the people of Guinea, the ITUC demands “that the regime release all…

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My Union Facebook application updated

06 Oct 2009, By

It’s been a while, but we’ve now updated the TUC Facebook application, My-Union. When Facebook released their new design, applications that were developed before were banished to the boxes page. Whilst the app still goes there by default now, clicking the little pencil button on its box header now lets you move it to your…

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New Rules on Fair Tips – thanks to union led campaign

01 Oct 2009, By

New rules come into force today that will help to ensure that many thousands of workers will get a fairer deal on tips they earn whilst at work – representing a notable victory for a great trade union led campaign. The new rules basically mean that tips can no longer be used by employers to…

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