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New Rules on Fair Tips – thanks to union led campaign

01 Oct 2009, By

New rules come into force today that will help to ensure that many thousands of workers will get a fairer deal on tips they earn whilst at work – representing a notable victory for a great trade union led campaign.

The new rules basically mean that tips can no longer be used by employers to top up wages to meet the National Minimum Wage level.  Also, restaurant owners etc. will have to make it clear to customers how tips and service charges are distributed to staff.

A great victory for Unite and of course for the many thousands of workers who will benefit from the changes.

One Response to New Rules on Fair Tips – thanks to union led campaign

  1. Matt
    Oct 1st 2009, 12:20 pm

    Indeed a really great victory for UNITE – and well done to Mandelson and McFadden for listening and acting. It will make a huge difference to some of the poorest paid workers. And it was great to hear on the radio today that although it may cost employers they all accepted that ‘it was only fair’