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Support Your Local Trades Union Council

17 Nov 2009, By

Over the past few months I have been taking the organising message to trades union councils around the country – from Workington to Norwich, from Taunton to Oxford by way of Blackpool – to name but a few. After each of these visits I came away bouyed up by the energy and commitment of the local activists, all volunteers, who do what they do because they know that the union movement is, to use an old fashion phrase, a force for good in their community and society as a whole. And, contrary to some opinions held in union hierarchies, the majority are solid leftwing trade unionists across a range of ages and occupations. It must be said though that there is still a dearth of women and black faces around those halls and meeting rooms.
Trade unions are doing themselves a diservice by not supporting their local trades union council. With the support of local union branches and regional union offices, trades union councils can reach out into the local community in a way that unions can not.
We need to ensure that local communities understand what trade unions do and that we are as much part of their community as ther local preservation society, tenants association or environmental group. The best way of getting that message out there is through the trades union council movement.
Get your union involved in the trades union council movement at local, regional and indeed national level. Find out more about trade union councils and where your local trades union council is by clicking on the link
Not one in your area? Then contact your regional TUC office about establishing one. Go on make a commitment this week to find out more about trades union councils.