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Supporting and organising Future Jobs Fund Workers

23 Nov 2009, By

The Future Jobs Fund (FJF) is the most progressive jobs programme for more than a quarter of a century and unions and the TUC want to make it a success, for the employers who host FJF placements but primarily for the FJF workers themselves.

Unions can only do this effectively if we are geared up to recruiting and organising FJF workers.  This means making sure that we know where in our workplaces FJF workers are and will be and that when they start work the union reps make contact with them immediately to sign them up.

To assist unions and in particular officers and reps to do this, the TUC has produced resources for reps and officers on the Future Jobs Fund. In particular we have produced a leaflet ‘Unions Supporting Future Jobs Fund Workers’ which explains the benefits of union membership to FJF workers.  You can download this leaflet below and get additional information on the Future Jobs Fund here

Download the pdf file: Unions supporting FJF workers

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