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More on interns

25 Nov 2009, By

In response to my post below, a few people have asked me what unions can do to offer more support for interns.

This is, of course, a really good point.  Because no matter how informed a young person might be entering an internship, without an organised workplace and back up from their union, they might still find themselves isolated and open to exploitation.

So this is why the TUC is taking action in the following three ways:

First, providing more information materials on the rights of interns that can be used by union reps and interns alike.

Secondly, providing briefing and training sessions to union reps and officers, with a view to building their knowledge of and capacity to support interns in the workplace.

Thirdly, lobbying Government to work more effectively in enforcing the rights of interns.  There’s particular scope for Government interventions through the Graduate Talent Pool and the engagement of employers through the Backing Young Britain initiative for ensuring minimum standards for interns are upheld and enforced.

Of course, its the work our union reps do in the workplace that will make the most difference.  And that’s why the TUC and unions must work together to provide the support those reps need to support young people at work in these difficult times.