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Public sector job cuts: Think of a number…any number

08 Dec 2009, By

According to its web-site, Reform is ‘non-party think tank whose mission is to set out a better way to deliver public services and economic prosperity’. Which all seems rather benign, until you twig that  its Director is the former  Head of the Political Section in the Conservative Research Department, and its Advisory Council includes such renowned balanced thinkers as Ruth Lea, Patrick Minford and Chris Woodhead.


So its perhaps not surprising to hear that Reform feels that the, ‘better way to deliver public services and economic prosperity’ is simply to get rid of one million public sector jobs. Moreover, Reform are insistent that many of these job-losses will need to come from the front-line – nurses, teachers and police-officers may not have driven the country into recession, but Reform seems to be pretty keen on them picking up the bill anyway.

Can anyone seriously believe that cutting one-million front-line public sector jobs is the key to driving the UK out of recession? Or is this simply an opportunist effort to make the case for savage public sector cuts in pursuit of that new political Holy Grail ‘reducing the deficit’?