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Time off for trade union duties and activities

08 Dec 2009, By

On January 1st 2010 the revised AC AS Code of Practice on Time off for trade union duties and activities will come into effect.  The revised code contains some important changes that all union reps and officers should be aware of and will want to ensure are  included in their facilities agreements.  The most significant revisions are in respect of;

NO DETRIMENT – para 18 of the revised code contains guidance on arrangements for ensuring that union reps do not suffer any detriment to their pay as a result of time taken for trade union duties.

COVER – paragraph 45  states that ’employers should ensure that, where necessary, work cover and/or workload reductions are provided when time off is required

FACILITIES – para 46 states that employers should, where practical, allow union reps access to email, intranet and internet.  There is also guidance on the use of such facilities by unions.

CONFIDENTIALITY – para 48 states that ‘union reps will have legitimate expectations that they and their members are entitled to communicate without intrusion in the form of monitoring by their employer (the code contains guidance for unions and employers on the rules that might underpin such matters).   

To reflect these and other changes in the code, the TUC has updated its Bargaining to Organise (B2O) materials which reps will find are a useful resource in ensuring that the facilities agreements that they are subject to allow them to both represent members effectively and build a stronger union. 

The B2O materials are available HERE.

The revised ACAS Code is available HERE.