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The Union Advent: 15 Dec

15 Dec 2009, By

UK unions, through the TUC, have been at the forefront of ensuring better treatment for Britain’s 1.3 million agency workers.

An agreement last year between the TUC, the employers’ organisation the CBI and the UK government secured UK agreement to the European Agency Workers Directive, the implementation of which is being consulted on in 2009.

Trade unions were instrumental to the introduction of the European Agency Workers Directive, which builds on existing protection of agency workers rights campaigned for by UK trade unions.

One Response to The Union Advent: 15 Dec

  1. Gary Snart
    Jan 18th 2010, 10:41 am

    Whilst I feel this is brilliant move for Agency and temporary staff, I have seen very little detail as to what the consultation between TUC and Government acheived. My concern is that in establishing a possible 12 week limit before the temp worker has to have the same terms and conditions as their surrounding permanent employees, I haven’t heard whether or not that would then prevent the employment of fresh Agency/Temp employees from the same or another Agency/Source. Whilst in engineering this would have an effect it wouldn’t have any effect in the unskilled areas of agriculture or logistics. All this would achieve , without safeguards, is a revolving door where one lot of workers reaches 12 weeks and is dismissed and another group would come in for another 12 weeks. In the above industries training is only a very short period, seldom more than a few days so it is worth it to the business to keep changing the Agency/Temp worker. Have you more information on this ??