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Howard Zinn passes away

28 Jan 2010, By

Just read the sad news that Howard Zinn, the author of the seminal ‘A People’s History of the United States’ has passed away. I met Howard Zinn briefly five years ago, when he gave he led a seminar at the HTUP, and he was a genuine, inspiring bloke – a working class intellectual, who worked in…

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What connects: Dirty Harry, Mary Poppins and Darth Vader?

26 Jan 2010, By

The actors who played them* have all been honoured with lifetime achievement awards by the US union SAG – the screen actors’ guild – in what the AFL-CIO almost certainly correctly describes as “the only nationally televised awards show of any kind that honors the work of union members”. Congratulations to all this year’s winners, and…

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Haiti: union organisation delivers Earthquake Aid

22 Jan 2010, By

News from the International Trade Union Confederation: in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti, the ITUC launched a trade union appeal for humanitarian support for the victims in cooperation with its regional organisation for the Americas, TUCA.  Funds raised under the appeal are primarily being used to supply humanitarian assistance to the ITUC’s Haitian affiliate,…

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Remembering the women of Grunwick

20 Jan 2010, By

Nice piece in the Society section of today’s Guardian on the women behind the Grunwick strike. In particular the article flags up a new exhibition ‘Striking Women: Voices of South Asian Workers from Grunwick and Gate Gourmet. The exhibition is at the Women’s Library, London E1 7NT and runs until March 31st.

What makes women active in unions?

19 Jan 2010, By

One of the findings in the recently published survey of trade union Equality Reps was that 63 per cent of the Equality Reps surveyed who had no previous reps experience were women. If my memory is correct similar findings are (or were) to be found in surveys of Union Learning Reps. This has me wondering…

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