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Working Stiffs, Union Maids, Reds and Riffraff

05 Jan 2010, By

I was really pleased to have an e-mail from Eric Lee of Labourstart yesterday outlining all of the wonderful things that Labourstart are sponsoring over the next couple of years, including an online Film Database , the online labour film festival site and a Labour film competition in 2010. It seems that 2010 will be the year of film.

To read more about the wonderful films of labour around the world, this book is definitely worth checking out. Apparently there are few people that know more than Tom about Labour and Cinema.

Working Stiffs, Union Maids, Reds and Riffraff 

By Tom Zaniello

This wonderful book is an encyclopedic guide to 350 labor films from around the world, ranging from those you’ve heard of — Salt of the Earth, The Grapes of Wrath, Roger & Me — to those you’ve never heard of but will fall in love with once you see them. Zaniello describes all the films in detail, tells you whether they’re available for rental or purchase, and, if so, where. Fiction and nonfiction, the films are about unions, labor history, working-class life, political movements, and the struggle between labor and capital. Each entry includes critical commentary, production data, cast list, suggested related films, and annotated references to books and Web sites for further reading. This most recent edition, published in 2003, addresses both historical and contemporary films and features documentaries and hard-to-find information about agitprop and union-financed films.

“With close attention to detail, Tom Zaniello has created a long overdue guide to films that tell entertaining and heartfelt stories of working people — stories that are as vital today as ever before. It would take years to find all the information contained in this one book. [It is] a wonderful compilation of hidden treasures for audiences everywhere.”
BARBARA Kopple, Filmmaker