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Meet the trainees!

06 Jan 2010, By

Following a really successful induction, this year’s trainees are starting to post up details about themselves and their ambitions for this year.

Their aims for the year range from improving the image of union’s more broadly by demonstrating the value of union membership; building a strong and active membership; approaching membership increases in a structured way.  They also outlined their own personal aims including learning more about the role of an organiser; improving union knowledge as well as having a hands on role in workplaces. 

Another suggestion was to “inject some life” into the movement and was definitely supported by the lively debate and discussion that took place around the aims of the TUC Organising Academy:

  • motivate participants to see the value and practical benefits of an organising approach to the recruitment of new members
  • ensure participants understand the need for the development of sustainable union structures
  • enable participants to adopt a strategic approach to organising and recruitment activity within the workplace and more widely
  • develop and update the skills and knowledge required to organise new and existing union members
  • enable participants to build organising activity into other union roles

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