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Fighting the corner for young workers

11 Feb 2010, By

Its no secret that young people are having a bad time of it in the labour market right now.

Youth unemployment stands at record levels, demand for apprenticeships and places in higher education is outstripping supply and too many young workers find themselves in low paid, low skilled, vulnerable jobs in the sharp end of our service industries.

As a response to this trade unions in the UK are uniting around the TUC’s Next Generation Campaign, making the case for a better deal for young people but also showing what role we can play in supporting, organising and developing young people at work and the wider community.

Unions are signing their names up to the Next Generation Accord which sets out our plans for tackling unemployment and vulnerable work among young people.

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One Response to Fighting the corner for young workers

  1. Munro’s Safety Apparel
    Feb 11th 2010, 7:09 pm

    The work force is shrinking but I think over time we will see things trend back upwards and the work force will start to grow again.