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Is now the Spring of our discontent?

31 Mar 2010, By

“We are facing a spring of discontent as yet another union flex their muscles and threaten to walk out.” Eric Pickles, Conservative Party Chairman, March 2010 “Britain now faces Labour’s spring of discontent with militant unions threatening to bring our railways to a standstill as well. Strike action could leave the country facing a serious…

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Wales Reps are Bargaining to Organise

25 Mar 2010, By

On Tuesday I joined nearly 1oo union reps at an event organised by my colleagiues at the Wales TUC.  It was a chance to re-launch the TUC’s Bargaining to Organise materials in Wales and also to hear directly from reps about the challenges that they face in securing sufficient time to support members and at…

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ITUC steps up the youth campaign

19 Mar 2010, By

As a second step of its youth campaign, the ITUC is relaunching its youth blog and is launching the campaign’s brochure. The youth blog comes with a redesign, new functionalities such as Facebook and Twitter sharing as well as a special campaign section. The brochure is a best practice guide on organising young people and…

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Joe the Dog

18 Mar 2010, By

Today the ITUC launched its youth campaign, with the release of this handy little video:  Joe the Dog tries to change the world  Feel free to cut’n’paste to whatever social network sites you use. Looking forward to getting the details of the campaign as the ITUC’s own youth officer, Phillipe Gousenberger, addresses the TUC Young Members…

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Unions and Politics

17 Mar 2010, By

I suppose you could regard Michael Gove’s speech on the relationship between trade unions – and Unite the union in particular – and the Labour party as an understandable bit of electioneering.  But underneath the somewhat forced hysteria about Unite, the BA dispute and Charlie Whelan what he really seems to be saying (perhaps what…

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What does an Organising Academy Trainee do?

12 Mar 2010, By

is a question I get asked frequently.  Here’s an example of the sort of work our trainees get involved in (although I must point out non-compliance with H&S found in this clip!)