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Activism makes you happier!

02 Mar 2010, By

So says research recently published that looked at the link between political activity and well-being and reported on in todays Guardian G2.

The study was conducted at a number of levels – firstly investigating levels of political engagement and happiness and optimism amongst students – then studying the effect of taking part in a campaign on the well-being of another group. One group was asked to take part in a letter writing campaign asking for tastier food in the college cafe, whilst another group was asked to conduct a similar campaign but this time demanding that local or Fairtrade produce be served.

In relation to the first part of the study, the researchers found that those they interviewed who were more inclined to be politically active were also the happiest. In relation to the second part of the study, those involved in the more ‘political’ Fairtrade campaign tested most positively for vitality – they were more alive and enriched than those who merely wanted tastier food.

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