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Special Organising Edition of ‘Union Hour’

08 Mar 2010, By

The North West TUC produces an audio magazine ‘Union Hour’ for union activists, organisers and officers based in the region.  This month ‘Union Hour’ focuses exclusively on organising and features audio articles on amongst other things; resources for reps and activists, organising young members, organising case studies (incl. taxi drivers, retail workers, migrant workers and school support staff).  

It’s an excellent production that is right up to date with current organising priorities and practices and is relevant and should be of interest to all reps, officers and organisers regardless of where they live or work.  Thanks go to two great trade unionists, Ann and Dave McCall who produce ‘Union Hour’ and to all the reps and organisers who took part in this special edition.  

You can listen to this edition at the link below;

North West TUC ‘Union Hour’ – Organising special edition