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Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living

29 Apr 2010, By

Yesterday trade unionists around the world (and for the first time, the British government) commemorated Workers’ Memorial Day. This dreadful story is a reminder as to why we should all, ‘Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living’.

Its a small world after all…

28 Apr 2010, By

Nice article at The Sauce (hat-tip RMT magazine), exploring the links between Mrs Justice Sharp, (the Judge who awarded Network Rail an injunction against the RMT), the private equity industry and Network Rail. No allegation or suggestion of impropiety, but as The Sauce comments it does raise questions about, “…the closeness of the British judicial system to…

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US waste workers win wage-hike and union rights

24 Apr 2010, By

Members of the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) have won a long-running campaign against Covanta, the energy-from-waste multinational that has been trying to break into the UK and Dutch markets recently, and British unions are proud to have played our part in solidarity.  Despite a vicious campaign against the union, Covanta faced numerous legal…

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Life after May 7

20 Apr 2010, By

Lots of union activists will be in election mode for the next 16 days – working day and night and all the bits in-between, knocking on doors, telecanvassing and handing out leaflets. But in the midst of election fever its important to remember that whatever the outcome of the election, unions will have their work…

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Protest on Thursday about miners’ lockout in California

13 Apr 2010, By

The ILWU, a US union, is working with Unite, ITF and ICEM to protest at the AGM of British-based multinational mining company Rio Tinto from 10am on Thursday 15 April (at the QEII Conference Centre in Westminster) about the lockout at the Borate mine in Southern California, which began on 31 January. 570 workers were…

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Union getting active? Send ’em to Siberia!

12 Apr 2010, By

Imagine that no one in your workplace has been paid overtime since 2007, and that all new jobs coming up are being filled by your boss’s family. You present a collective complaint to management. You show up at work the next day to learn that the company are transferring you to its equivalent of the…

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