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Those mysterious Public Sector Efficiencies

25 May 2010, By

In April I blogged on my scepticism towards the insistence of the Conservative party that on the advice of Sir Peter Gershen they could find £12 billion worth of efficiencies in the public sector.  So imagine my surprise when Nick Robinson of all people, commenting on the £6 billion worth of cuts announced yesterday, said that the government had only been able to find £95 million efficiencies from IT projects instead of the £2 billion predicted by Sir Peter.

Meanwhile the Government’s ‘we”re all in this together’ ethos was demonstrated by Ministers giving up their ‘right’ to a dedicated ministerial limo whilst thousands of young unemployed people look set to be denied the chance of work with the axing of the Future Jobs Fund and employees at the soon to be abolished QCA and BECTA face possible redundancy.  You can get a sense of the real effect of the coalitions cuts thanks to my colleagues over at Touchstone.