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Trade union membership up in South Africa

27 May 2010, By

The Congress of South African Trade Union (COSATU), the main union confederation in South Africa, has recorded a small membership increase between January 2009 and April 2010, its Central Executive heard this week. Although the increase of 18,704 represents only a 0.9% increase, that was against the backdrop of a decline in employment over that period because of the global economic crisis of over a million jobs. Membership of COSATU’s 21 affiliated unions now stands at 2,022,133.

The NUM achieved the biggest growth (15 000) and POPCRU (prison and correctional officers – most like the POA in the UK) the biggest percentage growth (9.3%). Others which have grown are NEHAWU, FAWU, NUMSA, SADTU, CEPPWAWU, SASFU and PAWUSA. The biggest loser was SACTWU, which lost 20 975 members as a result of the massive number of retrenchments in the clothing and textile industry.