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Why in this age do some people still not get equality?!!

30 Jun 2010, By

With the cuts announced across the public sector and the blatant attacks on the poor, women and disabled why do some people still not get the need for equality? Shouldn’t we all be promoting equality ? As the cuts begin to bite the young, the old, the disabled, the sick and the poor let us not forget the power…

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Trade union rights worldwide – it’s a grim picture

29 Jun 2010, By

There’s a horrific but compelling ITUC video, premiered at the world congress in Vancouver last week, which draws attention to the appalling violations of human and trade union rights around the world. The annual survey of trade union rights which was launched earlier this month contains all the details, and some fantastic video and web…

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Sharan Burrow – the world’s top trade unionist

26 Jun 2010, By

Here in Vancouver, the TUC has cheered on the election of the first ever woman General Secretary of the world trade union movement, Australian teachers’ leader Sharan Burrow. I’m never certain we should get any praise for getting “the first” woman anything any more, but Sharan is an outstanding trade unionist – I’ve seen her…

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“All in this together?” Watch Part 1

25 Jun 2010, By

So, as public sector workers face a real terms pay cut – as admitted on Wednesday by the PM – STRONGER UNIONS launches the first in the series of “ALL IN THIS TOGETHER?” WATCH in which we keep track of the pay and renumeration of those who preach austerity for the many and not for…

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The sound of ideologies clashing?

24 Jun 2010, By

Two days on, it is clear that the government has just delivered one of the most ideological budgets ever.  Less a pragmatic attempt to restore some balance to the nations public finances, more of an experiment in drastic state shrinking at a time when its public spending that has been responsible what growth there has…

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World unions back Iraqi unions

23 Jun 2010, By

“Iraq is at a tipping point,” Abdullah Muhsin told a fringe meeting at the world trade union congress in Vancouver today. Speaking about the campaign for a just labour law in Iraq, the international representative of the General Federation of Iraqi Workers said: “We have one of the most notorious labour laws in the world.”…

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Join the ITUC Congress online

22 Jun 2010, By

The mother of all union conferences kicks off in Canada today – the second ITUC World Congress. Representatives of unions from all over the world are assembling in Vancouver, and a big part of the business this time round will be working out the labour movement’s ideas for a path out of the global economic…

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