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2010 Alternative rich list

02 Jun 2010, By

 The alternative rich list awards promoted here helped me to recall the great piece of research that the TUC launched last year, outlining survey results that demonstrated what great citizens our 200,000 trade union activists are, both within the workplace but also outside of the workplace. Union reps make good citizens. I saw this nomination for the alternative rich list and thought wouldn’t it be great some of our activists were nominated for the alternative rich list.

forum3 2010 Alternative Rich List

What makes a richer life? Challenge, achievement, contributing something to the greater good? There are some people who spend their time gathering a wealth of experience and benefitting beyond just financial rewards. That makes them heroes in our eyes. Not always in the spotlight, although sometimes on the frontline, these individuals are an inspiration to us all. forum3 aims to recognize the great and the good.

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