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Iranian trade unionists need your support

15 Jun 2010, By

You know the scene in Casblanca where the police officer instructs his men to “round up the usual suspects”? It’s happening in Iran, as we hit the anniversary of the stolen election, and several trade union leaders have been swept up, even though they weren’t involved in the political struggles around the election (they stayed clear so that they couldn’t be accused of meddling in politics).  Tehran bus workers’ leaders Saeed Torabian and Reza Shahabi have joined their colleagues Mansour Osanloo and Ebrahim Madadi in jail, and Amnesty International have issued an Urgent Action for these prisoners of conscience – please take action yourself and encourage workmates to do the same. And Education International reports on several teacher trade unionists who have been attacked – including Abdolreza Ghanbari who faces a death penalty. These trade unionists are fighting and risking their very lives for what we have – and we must support them in their struggle to be free. Stronger unions anywhere will create stronger unions everywhere.

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