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Assessing the Challenge

17 Jun 2010, By

Since the initial recruitment of Area and Local Organisers 2 years ago UNISON and the TUC Organising Academy have made adaptations and improvements to the process that is reflected in the many positive comments [in this document]. We believe that as UNISON moves towards further and better implementation of Meeting the Organising challenge, the need for the process to recruit the organisers and potential senior managers of the future to be further enhanced becomes yet more urgent” Touchstone Training, 2010

Extracts from a very interesting and positive review of the last 3 years work by the TUC’s Organising Team to support and develop UNISON’s huge effort to Meet the Organising Challenge. UNISON’s investment in their organising team is bringing in a visible new layer of organisers who are then trained through the UNISON/ TUC partnership to build union capacity. Remarkably, given that all potential organisers are put through their paces in a serious of simulated campaign activities over a 2 day period, over 90% of all those who have been through it were happy with their experience – even those who were unsuccessful!

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