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World’s trade unions gather in Vancouver for 2010 congress

20 Jun 2010, By

The TUC delegation to the second International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) congress has arrived in Vancouver for five days of meetings and debate, planning the global trade union movement’s activities for a post-crisis world (still work to be done on the crisis though!) Led by TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber and deputy Frances O’Grady, the delegation includes General Councillors Dougie Rooney (President), Sally Hunt (international spokesperson and UCU General Secretary), Gail Cartmail (international development spokesperson), Diana Holland (chair of the ITUC women’s committee) and union  General Secretaries Paul Kenny (GMB) and Paul Noon (Prospect). This evening, we’ll be meeting with Canadian, South African and Brazilian trade unionists to discuss how unions should use the global sporting events we’re collectively hosting (Winter Olympics, World Cup and Olympics/Paralympics) – and we’ll be promoting the Playfair London 2012 campaign. Then on Monday, Congress will begin, and 1000 trade unionists from 155 countries around the world will gather in the wonderful – and union-rich – city of Vancouver, British Columbia under the banner “Now, the people”: our message is that too much has been done to save the banks and the system and now it’s time to help ordinary working people.