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“All in this together?” Watch Part 1

25 Jun 2010, By

So, as public sector workers face a real terms pay cut – as admitted on Wednesday by the PM – STRONGER UNIONS launches the first in the series of “ALL IN THIS TOGETHER?” WATCH in which we keep track of the pay and renumeration of those who preach austerity for the many and not for the few (i.e. themselves).

First on the list – and you’ll already have heard about this – is the board of Network Rail who have just awarded themselves a pretty astonishing range of pay rises.

The Chief Executive, Ian Croucher, took home almost £1.5 million last year – an impressive 53% pay rise.  However, he obviously didn’t put in as impressive a shift as the guy in charge of Operations and Customer Services, Robin Gisby, whose frankly mind blowing 104% pay rise took his earnings to £734,000, Paul Plummer from Planning & Development  whose pay also rose by 104% to or Simon Kirby in charge of Investment Projects whose pay – and I’m struggling for a suitable adjective here – soared by 109% to £769,000.  The pay rises across the board and management team averaged out at 39%.

STRONGER UNIONS urges you however not to get too angry lest you be accused on resorting to the ‘politics of envy’ and being naive because don’t you know that we need to pay these salaries otherwise big hitters like these will go and work abroad etc, etc…