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More anti union bile from the TPA

02 Jul 2010, By

It seems that the Taxpayers Alliance now reserves the right to speak out about how any organisation spends its money even when that money doesn’t come via taxation; and if at the same time it can scratch its ideological itch and have a dig at unions, then all the better.  How else to explain the latest press release on the pay of union General Secretaries?

The TPA reckons that its hypocritical for union leaders who enjoy “well paid luxury”  to campaign against job and pays cuts.  Well, I’m not sure that it is actually – its what they get paid to do.  It’s certainly not as hypocritical as a cabinet made up of millionaires saying we’re all in this together and then announcing a budget that has a disproportionately negative impact on the poor and vulnerable; or private sector Chief Executives preaching austerity for the many whilst they trouser huge bonuses and share options worth millions of pounds.

And of course the TPA isn’t really revealing anything – as it says in its press release All data in the report is drawn from the Annual Report of the Certification Officer, which is based on information provided by the Trade Unions themselves.”

Carl Roper is the TUC National Organiser