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Women Officers, Webb Institute @ Ruskin and Two Years of Trainees

14 Jul 2010, By

It’s been a really interesting few weeks, first spending time with the TUC’s Women Officers Summer School working on narrative and tools to encourage other women into activity in the movement. Then up to Ruskin to explain the picture of unions and organising in the uk and shifting the students from our history into the very real challenge of the present – they (The Webb Institute @ Ruskin pictured) were all really surprised to hear that the uk still has inequality in our pay systems (see Cheryl’s blog below) and when they saw the gender and executive pay gaps were visibily shocked.

Finally two more weeks, the first with the Advanced trainee group spending time on messaging and coalition building focussing on how to develop community group activity around local issues and build capacity for unions and, finally, this week with the year 12 trainees looking at the broader context of campaigning both in the workplace and beyond.

Liz Blackshaw is Director of the TUC Organising Academy