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Corporate Hypocrisy

08 Sep 2010, By

Human Rights Watch has released a report that highlights examples of corporate hypocrisy on the part of European companies who whilst recognising unions in Europe actively seek to undermine the rights of workers and the efforts of unions to organise them in the Unites States.

The report highlights how some European companies carry out aggressive campaigns to prevent US workers from organising and bargaining collectively, violating not international standards but even US labor laws (and its takes something to do that!).  Amongst the companies cited are; Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile (whose anti-union activities aren’t all confined to the US), DHL – owned by Deutsche Post, Tesco – which operates in the US under the Fresh & Easy brand, G4S (which is a signatory to a Global Access Agreement) and Sodexo.

Over the next few months the TUC will be looking at ways in which it can co-ordinate efforts in the UK and Europe to support the rights of workers at these companies and the organising efforts of union in the US.