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Lib Dems – ‘Think Again!’

20 Sep 2010, By

Yesterday I had the privilege of joining over three thousand trade union members, parents, school governors and members of the public in a TUC lobby of Liberal Democrat conference.

Despite the best efforts of the weather  – a delightful combination of torrential rain and gusting winds – the crowd rallied at Salthouse Dock in Liverpool for over an hour and a half, calling on the Lib-Dems’ to ‘Think Again’ about their support for a Conservative-led coalition government hellbent on ‘savage’ public spending cuts and reforms that threaten our schools and NHS.

Lobby of Lib Dem Conference

As well as speeches from the likes of Dave Prentis, Tony Woodley and Chris Keates the crowd heard from parent Lynne Stables about the impact the cancellation the Building Schools for the Future programme has had upon her son’s school. We also heard from two Liverpool school students  – Stewart Allen and James Garcia – on the same issue.

All in all a great event to kick-start the ‘All Together for Public Services’ campaign launched last week at Congress – lets hope its the first of many, many similar events up and down the country. More importantly, lets hope that Lib-Dem delegates and MP’s are beginning to get the message that the electorate will hold them to account at the ballot box if they help the Conservatives push through their regressive cuts.

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  1. cheap framed art
    Oct 11th 2010, 7:22 pm

    That ConLib economics policy in full; “We’re filthy rich, so balls to the rest of you!”